We held our 2017 Annual General Meeting on Thursday 27th April at 8pm at ROSC. We invited all parents/ guardians to attend. It was essential we had a minimum of 9 people at the meeting in order to make it ‘legal’ and for us to make any necessary decisions about the service- these decisions will effect YOUR child. The meeting lasted approximately an hour.


We would like to remind everyone that as a charity we are required by law to have a committee of parents/ guardians who assist Heather and her team in the running of ROSC. Without this committee, ROSC would fold. Our current committee- who serve as trustees in the posts of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. We always welcome other parents / guardians to join the committee and where possible take on these roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.


The previous AGM minutes are available and if you are interested in joining the committee please speak to Heather or catch one of us!


Kind regards

Laura, Alex & Kerry

ROSC Committee 2017